LG Curved 4K UHD TV

This TV is Wow, But Only If It Could Show Heaven and Hell

Have you walked into a shopping mall and a friend said “rubbish” when you picked an item you love?

Chances, you had a change of mind after that utterance from your friend.

That is exactly what you will do when you see the insanely funny comments for this beautiful television.

The LG Curved 4K UHD TV is an LED technology-enabled smart television with a perfect colour combination and nicely shaped for an eye-friendly experience.

Bu then, these comments think differently of its N24,327,620 price tag.


When You Can’t Buy ‘a Chioma’ an Assurance




“24 What?”, he’s asking.

“24 million naira”. Oh yeah, he needed you not to help him answer the question.

But he’s got an eye for something…

“I should be watching what’s going on in heaven and in hell”. Who cares…


The Lazy Youth




“Testing to see if one can rate a product without actually purchasing”

He was just testing and he’s got the time to do more without actually purchasing it.

And the product did enjoy the best rating from him.


And Finally, MMM Millionaire




Somebody really interested in burning some cash for the TV, are you?

If you care, here is your colleague.

He wants to be conscious because 24 million Naira isn’t a child’s play. Even Mavrodi knew that.

“Because I want to be sure of what am doing, let the Tele be as e dy for pic Biko”

Did you see the last word?


Jumia will understand better the meaning if the guy doesn’t get the expected usage worth for the TV if he ends up buying.

But to you, what do you feel about the price tag of this LG Curved 4K LED TV?

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