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These Shirts Funnily Tells What Happens in a Breakup

If you have experienced a relationship breakup, it could be a happy or bad feeling depending on how it happened.

Despite the state, you did underwent a series of thoughts about what was not right close to or after the breakup.

But in all, some of the things that come up are depicted on these funny but lovely shirts below:

When a Money Sucking Girlfriend Leaves

powered by prayer

Love is blind, that is what they said.

Oh, that hardly work these days with ladies trying to look classic as their peers.

She asked for an iPhone 7 and you kept telling her to give you few months before you’ll get for her.

In a few days, expect a red card SMS telling you she can’t endure anymore.

And few months after the breakup, your bank account turns green with a lot of smiles.

Your response then becomes “Thank God she left. It was Powered by Prayer.” as if she was the demon sucking the hell out of you.

When a Friend with Several Breakups Console You

living testimony

You will cry and cry trying to forget the agony, it will just not work.

Heartbreak can be so painful.

But then, you have a very good friend that can help you overcome the feelings.

It becomes a lot great if you have a friend who has suffered several heartbreaks.

She is experienced in overcoming such and will inspire you to be strong because she knows how it hurts.

A common advice you will get especially if it is your first is:

“Can’t you see how happy I am? I have had five breakups and each thought me a life lesson that has brought me this far.”

“Until you are married with kids, I mean kids with him then, you should give him your whole heart.”

When You Seek Help from a Born Again

jesus saves

In a harsh breakup, your mood is easily noticeable.

And you are even vulnerable to tell someone about the issue during this period.

If your luck got you to a born-again relative, hallelujah.

You will hear advice that includes:

“Your right man is out there. He’ll surely come your way when it’s time.”

And when he talks about trusting your man:

“This thing relationship is not easy. Only Jesus can save it from a breakup.”

When You Finally Take a Break After 7 Breakups

fuck boys

It can be so harsh when you’ve had the last breakup after many previous experiences.

And you will begin to feel “All men are the same.”

You then promised not to get into that shit for some time because you need to take a U-turn to be financially balanced without any emotional bad feeling.

When You Still Love Him But He’s Not Making a Push

i don't understand

If you are still loving him, you will still be hopeful.

This could happen if you and your man has settled in previous breakups.

But if the last one is taking him longer than expected to come back like he’s done previously, you begin to turmoil for help.

When You Finally Got The Lady Sneaking with Your Man


Even though you and your man still live together, the happy times that once were has reduced.

You were lucky to be told about the lady slowly taking your man away.

You researched her favourite spot and visited a day to let her know your man still live under the same roof as you.

Oh yeah, the queen doesn’t have to compete, you’ll still have more of him at home.

But wait a few more months and somebody will be crying, while at the other end somebody will be smiling.

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