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These Imagine Messi Memes Are Funny, No 1 Will Get You Rolling on the Floor

Lionel Messi is regarded by many as the best naturally talented footballer of the modern era, winning everything at club level.

But football fans will never stop being funny. And here, we got amazing imaginations if Messi was any of the following.

No 1 will get you rolling on the floor.


10. Imagine Messi As A Baby

messi baby


9. Imagine Messi As Female Barca Fan

messi barca woman

8. Imagine Messi As Just A Dog Lover

messi dog

7. Imagine Messi In Ronaldo

messi in ronal 1

6. Imagine Messi In Bald Head

messi bar head


5. Imagine Messi With Ronaldo’s Hair Style

messi ronal hair

4. Imagine Messi As An Indian Woman

messis india

3. Imagine Messi As A Wrestler

messi wrestle

2. Imagine Messi As A Nigerian Football Fan

messi fan

1. Imagine Messi With Diastema

messi ronaldo

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