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Top Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria Found In Winners List

I ain’t another John Bull! I am actually 18 years and even older. Oh yeah, I know betting is risky and only bet with money I can afford to lose wisely. Meedul Punter

Have you thought why some top sports betting sites in Nigeria aren’t on your list?

This could be that your friend didn’t tell you winners are spying around for the best odds that will earn them more money.

One of the secrets of successful punters is their tactics of using what they refer to as multi-channelled betting

This involves spreading ‘less risky’ investments across other top bookmakers in Nigeria.

But then, with new ones coming up every now and then, it’s becoming tricky to determine which is worth your investment.

Top Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria

We have detailed ten of the best bookmakers in Nigeria. And this table below highlights our top 5 picks:


Here is the full list of the 10 best sports betting sites in Nigeria


betting sites in Nigeria bet9ja

Apparently the most popular and the first to be on your list of top sports betting sites in Nigeria.

Coming from the boot of the experienced KC Gaming Networks Limited, the platform has been in this since 2013.

It has found its way to winners list, thanks to its multi-varied available sports for placing bets.

The platform’s 100% welcome bonus is a wow and one of the reasons early starters gets recommended to Bet9Ja.

With growing traffic, the platform has a well-optimized website with mobile apps to cater to its increasing users.

Unarguably, it has the largest Agent base for offline customers compared to other top bookmakers in Nigeria.

As a result, when you say sports betting in most places, it is better understood by simply saying Bet9Ja.

In addition to their good odds, winners stick to them for their fast pay-outs and cash out option for ongoing bets.



sports betting sites in Nigeria 1xBet

As used by bettors, this is the best among foreign sports betting sites in Nigeria.

Travelling all the way from Russia, 1xBet has staked a claim in the list of favourite top sports betting sites in Nigeria.

And if you’re already thinking about how fast to receive your winnings since it’s a foreign player, it takes less than 48hrs.

One of the reasons winners use this platform is its no work-day limit to when you’ll receive your winnings.

This means you can receive credit alerts both during the week and weekend.

With partners in Nigeria, the company allows you to fund 1xBet wallet using your local debit card (ATM card) and accept most Visa, MasterCard, and Verve Cards.

If the payment using your ATM card isn’t a desirable choice, congrats as you can also fund your account by paying directly to their bank account from your internet banking portal.

The other wallet funding options available are OKPay, Skrill, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

If you are still sceptical, you might consider using a one-time valid Barter Card.


sports betting sites in Nigeria NairaBet

It might not be currently controlling the economy in the space it started.

But NairaBet remains in the top sports betting sites in Nigeria to reckon with.

Started in 2009 by a success-hungry Nigerian, this sports bookmaker has established itself for trust.

With good betting odds, this has to be on your list if you want to spread your winning arms.

Just like previous betting websites, it also offers 100% bonus to new users to get started.

The betting provider earlier agreed on a partnership with MTN that allows you to place bets at no data cost, saving you extra money.

One of the reasons this is on the list of bettors’ favourite sports betting sites in Nigeria is its ‘1 Game Spoilt, Still Get Paid’ program.

This program pays you small cashback to your NairaBet wallet if all your bets won except one.



sports betting sites in Nigeria MerryBet

Yet another oldie in the game.

MerryBet is one of those sports betting companies in Nigeria with huge followings and a large agent network.

With betting opportunities in your favourite sports that include football, tennis, boxing and more, this is another that should be on your list.

An awesome feature of this provider is the instant payment that allows you to withdraw your winning in seconds from a minimum of ₦1000.

The ‘Where Champions Play’ slogan signifies their vision of bringing all champions to their platform with captivating innovations.

As prevalent with other sports bookmakers in Nigeria, MerryBet also offers the 100% welcome bonus.

You can also enjoy 5% cash back when you lost a bet of minimum 5 stakes with a minimum of 1.50 odds provided you lost just a single game.

This cashback option ensures you don’t lose 100% of your stakes each time you lost a bet.



sports betting sites in Nigeria NaijaBet

Often thought to be the same as Bet9ja by betting newbies because of the similarity in pronunciation.

This also should be in your list of favourite top sports betting sites in Nigeria as you stir to being a winner.

Ranking on the winners’ list of top bookies in Nigeria means a lot and this bookmaker is doing more to keep you coming.

It provides different mediums for funding your wallet which includes using USSD if you don’t have access to your debit card.

This sports betting portal supports cashout for losing bets so that you can save some money from a failed booking.

The payout is also available during weekdays and usually within 48hrs during peak time.



sports betting sites in Nigeria LionsBet

Arguably the highest cash back on losing bets platform in Nigeria with its 15% promise.

Having a very simple website means it is a choice if you are just starting out on betting in Nigeria.

LionsBet also offers 100% welcome bonus up to ₦100,000 to new users.

The bookie offers lots of incentives to you including 1% extra for every ₦100,000 you deposit, free ₦500 bet every week if you stake up to ₦20,000 the previous week.

You also qualify for cash-convertible loyalty points for every ₦100 you stake. A great way to gather more on your betting wallet.

You can fund your betting account using your ATM debit card, cash deposit to the bank or use scratch cards available at their Agents locations.

And withdrawal is also within 24hrs weekdays with a minimum of just ₦1,000.



sports bookmakers in Nigeria SureBet

If you’re an avid fan of sport betting in Nigeria, this name will be familiar.

This platform is known for its different promotional incentives of which include the commonly 100% welcome bonus up to ₦25,000.

Differentiating itself from other top sports betting sites in Nigeria, SureBet247 gives an extra 25% up to ₦10,000 with its Reload25S and other promotional coupon codes.

It also offers the cashout option in addition to its pulse betting that allows you to predict events in a match (like scoring a goal in the next 30mins).

To enjoy the maximum, you can also add new stakes to ongoing bets using its Add2bet feature. A sure if you want to make more money.



bookmakers in Nigeria BetKing

The bookmaker in Nigeria that crowned Jay Jay Okocha as King of the Game.

You might have seen their promotional items with Okocha as a prominent figure in them.

The platform has slowly won the hearts of many betting champions with its offerings.

Its intuitive interface design and low rays background make it a friendly betting site for your eyes.

It also offers 100% welcome bonus up to ₦100,000 and special events betting so you can have more to invest.



bookies in Nigeria BetWay

Another international and UK betting company with its extension in Nigeria.

Betway offers betting opportunities in a lot of your favourite sporting verticals that include soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf and more.

Its 100% welcome bonus is limited to ₦20,000 with a minimum first-time deposit of ₦100.

Though it doesn’t have much when it comes to promotional offers as offered by the previous top sporting sites in Nigeria, having it in your list affords you to make adequate odds comparison to know the best to stake your cash.

In terms of choosing the best sports betting website in Nigeria for winning virtual games, this should be your top choice.



sports betting sites in Nigeria sportybet

One of the best websites for sports betting in Nigeria when it comes to user-friendliness.

The website is structured to fits well on your screen within a width your eyes can catch the information.

The growth of this platforms among bookmakers in Nigeria can be attributed to the popularity of Kanu Nwankwo, a public figure and an icon when it comes to sports in Nigeria.

It is a promising website for winners and offers the simplest mode to get started as a new user requiring just your mobile number and a password or using Facebook option.

You can also enjoy welcome bonus up to ₦10,000 as a new user which will be credited to the gift wallet that you can use to place bets.

The reason this remains in the list of winners’ favourite sports betting sites in Nigeria is its instant payout feature.

And with a minimum of ₦1000 instant withdrawal, it means your money is yours whenever you want it.

Cashout is also available in your palm with its Android app. You can place bet, cashout, withdraw and get instant bet notifications on your mobile app.




Baba Ijebu

sports betting sites in Nigeria Baba Ijebu

When you hear Baba Ijebu, the first notion is to lotto.

Premier Lotto saw the growth in the sports betting space in Nigeria and doesn’t want his lotto fans drawn away.

The company has added Baba Ijebu Sports Betting and virtual games to accommodate the growing needs of sports fans in Nigeria.

This Nigerian bookmaker offers you to bet across verticals that include winners favourite sporting events like football, tennis, basketball and a lot of others.

As a typical Nigerian betting company, Baba Ijebu’s love for Anthony Joshua is eminent and the boxers might consider being an ambassador after retirement to repay the love the company affords him (just saying).

Baba Ijebu offers 100% welcome bonus up to ₦1000 using its code BABA1000 as a first-time user.

The good thing about this is that if you are a fan of lotto, you can monitor all your earnings (sports and lotto) from a single page.

Considering the reputation the company has earned in the lotto business, this is worth being on the list of top sports betting sites in Nigeria.


Winners Golden Bet

sports betting sites in Nigeria Winners Golden Bet

A third-year anniversary in 2017 makes them one of the experienced sport betting sites in Nigeria to be on your list.

The funny but amazing thing about Winners Golden Bet is the possibility to place as low as N1 bet with the possibility of winning a maximum ₦10,000,000.

The platform offers bettings in different sports and also has support for cash out to help you save some money on an ongoing losing stake.


This list is not a comprehensive list of all sport betting sites in Nigeria.

Our Rating Metrics

We only analysed and recommends using different metrics as below:



Like you know, they exist several bookmakers in Nigeria and more coming as people sees the potential in the market.

But to you, what matters is the safety of your investment.

We look at how people patronise the betting sites in Nigeria and realise among them, the ones that made this list satisfies our traffic requirements to be on the list of winners’ bookmakers in Nigeria.

Here is a doughnut chart showing how traffic is shared between the betting sites in the list as at July 2018 with Bet9Ja ruling the market.


Another consideration for this selection is how easy the interface of the website is.

Of course, you know you won’t stay using for long a portal that gives you a headache.

Most of the selection on the list has mobile apps for improved experienced in addition to the well-optimized websites.

Though SportyBet looks the best for usability, the different screens compatibility of the other top betting sites in Nigeria makes them worth trying.


Promotional Offers

Everyone loves incentives and the top bookmakers in Nigeria understand that.

All the providers on the list rewards first time users with a 100% welcome bonus. Although, some has a limit that you might not be convenient with.

In order for you to enjoy extra benefits, the platforms have custom promotional tactics to make sure you don’t look elsewhere.




During the course of the research for this list, some betting sites haven’t updated their lacklustre homepage to meet modern needs.

If you have been in the betting space since 2013, you’ll understand that a lot of changes has happened to this space.

The first requirements, that is traffic and usability played a big role in calculating credibility for determining the best that should be on your list.


Offline Presence

You understand the need for an offline presence.

Bet9Ja’s offline presence has earned it the top bookmaker in Nigeria, thanks to its marketing efforts at pushing the brand to remote areas.

Though we have seen how most sporting companies in Nigeria are dwindling down in their offline reach due to their poor service.

Most of the providers that made the list have really fair Agents reach catering for the offline audience.


That is it for the list of best sports betting sites in Nigeria. If there is any you think should have made the list, do let know in the comment section.

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