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A Look at Okayama Generators, Prices in Nigeria

Okayama generator is one of the brands getting on the list of consumers when it comes to choosing the best power machine to have at home. With an increasing choice in a market of many brands, how are these generators faring on the shopping list of buyers? Unsteady power comes to the need for another means to have your electronics stay working. One of the ways is the use of gasoline enabled supplier in which Okayama generator is one of the names when it comes to this industry. Known for their ruggedness and low noise with some users praising them… Read More

Yamaha Generators, Known and Still Reliable

Yamaha generator is one of the well-known names for quality and reliability when you talk about generators in Nigeria. With a growing list of companies, how does this brand compare to others especially in pricing? With fluctuating power comes the need for an alternate means of maintaining electricity at home, one of those well-known and affordable ways is using a generator. Known for their ruggedness, Yamaha generators have made their names not just being one of the oldest in the genre but for their quality in deliverance. A big value from this brand is their usual 3 years industrial and… Read More

Lutian Generators are catching-up the A-game

Lutian generators are a beauty for their aesthetic look. But with good acceptance, these machines are faring well in homes around. When you talk about good generator brands in Nigeria, they are a lot of them trying to grab the love of people looking for alternative ways to get their home lightened. To scale well in this heavy competition, brands are upping their A-game in terms of quality, innovativeness and pricing. Amongst that re-innovating is Lutian generators, building premium-quality power generators that meet the specifications of different use cases. Known for low-noise, getting yourself a Lutian powered generator means less… Read More

Senwei Generators Finding their ways into Homes

Senwei generators are finding their ways into homes, but being amongst a list of well-known brands in the generator business, how do Senwei generators price in Nigeria compares to others? This review will answer the question by looking at their different capacities and respective costs. With unsteady electricity comes the need for alternative means of staying put with power. Luckily for you, the options are a lot from choosing one of the best inverters, solar to a more a hybrid generator means of keeping your home powered up. And for the later, there are many brands that are out there… Read More

What Our Review Thinks of Afrione Phones and Prices

Afrione phones are gradually becoming known-pals among smart gadget-savvy ones. But what do we think of the locally made brand of mobile phones? We spent a good amount of time reviewing the features of the best to the latest Afrione phones and their prices in Nigeria. Everyone looks for the best of devices when it comes to deciding what suits their needs. It could be the camera, battery life, the cost of purchasing to a lot more but one thing you will probably have most in mind is quality. Afrione and possible league colleagues like Tecno, iTel and Infinix don’t… Read More

Not the Hype: Here Are Reasons to Own a Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a top-release and the best yet to have come out from the bucket of its maker. With super-packed awesomeness, you will be impressed buying this device irrespective of what is the Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Nigeria. Something amazing about this smartphone is that it can charge your other devices. Yes, a phone that can charge other phones and devices wirelessly.   If you have been following the trend, Samsung has iterated one series of its model every single year. You can tell easily with the Samsung Galaxy S10 having 10 in its name. 2019… Read More

We Hunted the Best Gamepads for your Android Smartphones You Really Need

If you have experienced playing games on PlayStation devices, nobody will tell why you should look around for the best android gamepads in Nigeria if you play also on your smartphone. Using an Android joystick do not just add convenience and screen protection but takes the experience to a whole new level like you’ve never had. Pokémon Go might have not found its way to Nigeria but it’s different stories for the likes of Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Candy Rush and others. If you are the type that love sports-driven games like the famous PlayStation 2 replica on smartphones and… Read More

We Uncovered Black Friday Hidden Pages. The Discounts are Promisingly Amazing

If you are not catching the best deals on Black Friday in Nigeria this year, ji masun! We are hunting for the most amazing so that you can conveniently grab yours without hassle as we walk you around the best shopping portals in Nigeria. Everyone loves the hits of discount and crazy flash deals of this annual shopping brouhaha. From the famous Konga Yakata to Jumia’s amazing deals on its own Black Friday pages, we are scouting the best and what we found is amazing. You think it’s too early to unravel them? We don’t believe so. That is why… Read More

Apple AirPods are the Magical Friends Your Ears Need Right Now

Apple AirPods are just the perfect thing the ears haven’t had in a while. Just imagine asking your phone to call your mum without anything other than just a speech from your mouth. Or think about the possibility of charging your headphones without connecting it to a wire. These and more are what makes the Apple AirPods price in Nigeria worth ignoring and you should really own one.   We have seen in recent times how the power of artificial intelligence has been used to deliver first-class products. This innovation is not different and the Apple AirPods price in Nigeria… Read More

10 Laptops That Are Super Cheap Even to the Most Frugal Student

Getting one of the best laptops for University Students in Nigeria comes with lots. In addition to helping you manage your stuff conveniently, there exist lots of advantages which include happiness and even an opportunity to earn some side bucks. Who doesn’t want some money especially to get some snacks after lectures? In this guide, we haven’t only given the best but that which will still keep your pockets smiling.   With huge need and reliance on technology, no doubt you need one of the best laptops for university students in Nigeria. As a student, you do not just need… Read More