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Everything you ought to know shopping for your kids.
We cover the latest deals to enable you to save some money buying those cute items for the kids.

Have you Used an Electric Toothbrush Yet? See the Best Choices

One of the best electric toothbrushes in Nigeria will switch you away from the manual type once you get hold of one and its importance. Several times people find it difficult to talk because they have developed an enemy called toothache with pounding pain begging for a rescuer. Only if they knew harmful acids has developed overtime around the enamel (tooth outer part) and dentin (tooth inner part) which causes ailments due to many factors of which one is tooth plaque that an electric toothbrush is powerful at send-packing. We love easy things, more important when it gives you a… Read More

We Uncovered Black Friday Hidden Pages. The Discounts are Promisingly Amazing

If you are not catching the best deals on Black Friday in Nigeria this year, ji masun! We are hunting for the most amazing so that you can conveniently grab yours without hassle as we walk you around the best shopping portals in Nigeria. Everyone loves the hits of discount and crazy flash deals of this annual shopping brouhaha. From the famous Konga Yakata to Jumia’s amazing deals on its own Black Friday pages, we are scouting the best and what we found is amazing. You think it’s too early to unravel them? We don’t believe so. That is why… Read More