Let’s Learn Shaku Shaku Dance By Wearing T-Shirts

The Shaku Shaku dance has become a street favourite at parties and public places.

Thanks to Olamide’s Science Student which made it popular.

Ever since the release of that track, several Shaku Shaku variations have been discovered.

Originally, the dance involves hands and legs moving in the opposite direction.

As a traceback, here is the original Shaku Shaku dance using lovely t-shirt collections:

The Low Point Stage


At this stage, your hands move back and front in opposite direction as your legs.

That means if the right hand is moving forward, the right leg also comes forward.

And if the left hand is moving forward, the left leg also moves forward.

Depending on which is moving forward, the others not moving will have to take a backward move or remain in a single position while your head bends to the back with your face looking upward.

The Hand to Head Stage

shaku shaku

At this stage, the tip of your hand, usually that of the right-hand raises to touch your forehead.

Just as above, as the tip of your right hand is going up to the forehead, the right leg also shifts forward.

There is no number of moves that determines the next stage, you can switch as you enjoy the rhythm of the music.

Here is Olamide himself showing his Shaku Shaku moves.

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Shaku shaku issa goal 🥅 – kosewe 🍃🍃

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