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How to Start an Online T-shirt Business

Investing to sell t-shirts online is one of the top ways to make a living on the internet.

Luckily, you do not need to have a big pocket to start one.

In this guide, you will discover how to sell t-shirts online without warehousing any.

And in all, it will take you less than 30 minutes to set up your online t-shirt business.


An estimated $10 billion worth of the custom t-shirt printing industry in 2025 according to a Credence Research report makes this business a go-to.

Considering that so many companies are innovating around this area to help you sell t-shirts online a lot easier, this is one of the best routes for you to become an online entrepreneur.


How to Sell T-shirts Online

There exist different models for selling t-shirts online, these include:

  • Dropshipping
  • Marketplaces
  • Self eCommerce Store


Sell T-shirts Online via Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping?

This is a business model in which you never see or handles the product you sell but the third party (partner) handles delivery.

It means that you do not handle inventory. You just need to drive in sales while your business partner (who could be far away in another country) takes charge of warehousing and delivery.

It is a cost-effective way of doing business online.

In the case of an online t-shirt business using dropshipping, you make the designs while the printing and delivery are handled by another party.

Now, so many software are available that you can jump on to launch your online t-shirt business on this dropshipping model.

One of those is Printful, a print on demand software that enables you to sell your designs on different products without the headache of inventory.


How to Start a Dropshipping Online T-shirt Business with Printful

It is quite easy for you to sell t-shirts online using this piece of software.

The steps involved are:


  • Set up your Shopify Account

Sell T-shirts Online Shopify

Shopify is an online shop creation platform on which the Printful plugin runs.

Visit the link below to set-up an account.



The form is a basic simple form to fill. Select every applicable one and proceed.

Once your account is ready, your interface will be similar to the below:

Sell T-shirts Online Welcome Shopify


Take note of your store address. It will be similar to:

You will need this later to connect your app and can be found from your browser’s address bar.

Leave it there for now and move on to the next step


  • Create a Printful Account

Now, you will need to create a Printful account that will enable you to design for dropshipping.

Click the link below to create your account.



Once you have created an account, your interface will look similar to the below:

Sell T-shirts Online Printful


  • Connect your Shopify  Store

Your Printful account is set up, you will need to connect it to your earlier Shopify store.


    • Click the add app button to proceed
    • You will be required to provide the store address which you have saved earlier (looks similar to
    • Enter your store address and proceed
    • Once it has been confirmed, you will be greeted with a screen similar to:
    • Click the install button to continue
    • You will then be prompted to sign-in to your Printful account to authenticate the request
    • Once signed in, click the connect button to complete integration
    • Once connected, you will then be able to start to sell t-shirts online


  • Add your first product

Your online t-shirt business is ready to start selling products.

You can add a product from your Shopify dashboard or that of Printful.

Any of the two you chose works fine as items syncs between both.

As a heads-up, create some beautiful designs or mock-ups before you start adding products.

Once you have some designs ready, proceed to add products and select different t-shirts on which you can place your designs.

It is so easy to make your first product as everything is seamlessly handled for you from descriptions to pricing.

You can adjust wherever you deemed fit to your taste.

Once you are satisfied with settings, go ahead and publish your first product to your store.

Now that you have your first product published, visit your store home to see how it looks on the product page.

Understand that your store page will only be visible to you without selecting a plan.

If you want to others to be able to see your product listing, proceed to select a plan and provide required details to unlock public view.

You won’t be charged for selecting a plan during your trial period.


Now, you have your store and can sell t-shirts online without maintaining an inventory.


Sell T-shirts Online on Marketplaces

If the Shopify and Printful combination model don’t work for you. Consider using popular marketplaces to sell t-shirts online.

Nevertheless, you can either run the dropship model or sell your own custom t-shirts you maintain inventory for.

Some of the popular marketplaces you can use to sell t-shirts online include:


Fortunately, you do not need to maintain an inventory as Printful also allow you to sell t-shirts online using these platforms while they help you handle inventory and shipping.

But if you have your own printed t-shirts, sign up on any of the platforms and sell your t-shirts online.


Sell Own T-shirts Online via your Ecommerce Store

The third alternative to sell t-shirts online is through your own ecommerce store.

This works similar to the first option but without Printful.

As such, inventory, delivery, product branding and designing all lies with you.

In as much as this can be daunting, you stand the best chance of making more in terms of profit margin.

An exception to someone who doesn’t have much to maintain inventory and the stress in this model is using the dropshipping model explained in the first option.

In order to sell t-shirts online, make sure to have your product pictures ready with the necessary description.

Do not forget to set your pricing considering all expenses incurred and the profit to be made after sales including after deduction of shipping cost and site maintenance.

Once you have everything ready, proceed to Shopify to set up your online store and starts to sell t-shirts online effortlessly.


Things your Online T-shirt Business Should Have

Once your store is ready, do make sure to have the following in place:

  • Social media presence
  • A brand logo for your business
  • A domain name linked to your online t-shirt business

Once all these are available, share your new business with your friends and relatives. Your first set of customers could be from them.


That is it on how to sell t-shirts online and make some money full time or as a side hustle online.

If you have any question, feel free to drop using the comment box below.

Do not forget to share this guide with your friends.

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