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We Found What Samsu Oil Does to Men In Bed Is Unimaginable

Samsu oil has been a cure with testimonies and smiles of men who have suffered from premature ejaculation.

And we decided to go on a series of experiments to know about how effective this herbal solution is.


Hold, do you need more about premature ejaculation?

If you do, it is an act of climaxing too early (as a man) while having sex with a woman.

Good sex is supposed to last for at least 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, some people do not hold on to 5 minutes. And this can make any woman hates a man.

Why do women love longer sex?

The simple truth is it takes a woman longer time to reach a climax.

As a result, if you release too early, the woman will not be satisfied.

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Samsu Oil for Premature Ejaculation Prevention

samsu oil


Samsu Oil Key Features

  • It makes you last longer in bed
  • This premature ejaculation oil is approved by NAFDAC
  • It is proven to make you last up to 30minutes during intercourse
  • The samsu oil is made from pure herbal extracts
  • There is no known medically related effect to using this oil


What is Samsu Oil?

If you suffer from premature ejaculation or you have a friend who does, this oil prevents that.

It is a herbal supplement oil used during intercourse with a woman to make you last longer in bed.

If your woman looks annoyed every time after a sex, chances are that she was not satisfied.

And a happy home also involves good sex for both parties. Simply, samsu oil tries to fix that and prevents annoying sex.


But Why Premature Ejaculation

If you continuously experience this having sex with your woman, they are many reasons for this:

First is you are not giving yourself enough rest. The body needs rest to function properly.

When you overwork yourself, you will be tired. This will affect your performance in bed.

Another known cause is that of anxiety.

Some people are scared of facing their partners. Possibly because of previous premature ejaculations or the woman is complaining too much.

They are also some psychological links like a partner is cheating and you are not ready to do away with her because of love despite knowing.

Whichever is affecting you, if you are still able to have an erection then, samsu oil will help.


How Long You Will Last Using Samsu Oil

samsu oil is a strong remedy for preventing premature ejaculation.

Some testimonies indicate that you could last up to 30minutes using this herbal premature ejaculation oil.

Depending on which testimony, you should expect a far better sex using Samsu premature ejaculation prevention oil.


Samsu Oil and Penis Enlargement

You might mistake the work of this herbal oil for penis enlargement.

If your pain is the size of your pride, you should try the penis enlargement device which will give you the result you need.

The penis enlargement device takes a different approach that differs from using the samsu oil.

The Samsu Super Oil is only made to help you prevent premature climaxing during sex hence, it is called the super delay ejaculation formula.

samsu oil Side Effects

If there is any advice ever received that still makes a whole lot of meaning, that is “Too much of everything is bad”.

Just like every other medication, the samsu oil also has its own side effects.

So, below are some of the things you should take note of using this premature ejaculation oil.

Warm Feeling: when you apply the samsu oil, you feel warmness around your penis.

Applying too much of it increases the intensity of the warmness and you might feel uneasy at that point.

Another side effect of too much application is making your organ numb.

Generally, do not apply too much of it so that the warmness will be mild.

And also, don’t forget too much of everything is bad. You should not use it all the time.

The good thing about using the samsu oil is that after some time, your system gets used to lasting longer in bed.

If you have used this for about four to eight weeks, you can stop.

The samsu oil is proven to be able to give better sex for up to 72 hours.

That means, for up to three days, the oil will still be able to perform its magic.

Have sex without using it some days to test your performance without any supplement. There should be an improvement.

Generally, there is no known medically related negative side effect using the samsu oil. Hence, you should be confident about using it.

You might not also like the smell. Don’t worry, because you can still wash it away if you desire before having sex but generally, it has a pleasant smell.


How to Use Samsu Oil Perfectly

Fortunately, the pack comes with a manual that will guide you on how to use the samsu oil.

Just an added grease, take the guides below to a perfect samsu oil usage.

First, you should have a bath.

This is essentially needed to keep you fresh and to clean your sex organ for samsu oil application.

Washing the penis will remove dirt, sweat or anything on it to foster good skin absorption of the oil.

Of course, you know a nice bath will give you an added strength which should add to the time you’ll last using this premature ejaculation prevention oil.

Once you have cleaned the penis, take a few drops of samsu oil on your finger and rub it gently on your organ, better if it is erected since it’ll reach all area but it still works while flat (not erected).

Make sure you wait for at least 20 to 30minutes after rubbing it. This is to make sure your skin perfectly absorbs the contents of the samsu oil before sex.

Note that while rubbing, try to prevent it from touching your sack. This can make it hot or have a sensation you might not like.

If it does, it is not something you should be too bothered as it is not harmful.

You will feel warmness as if you applied an Aboniki, Robb balm or a cream that has menthol, it is normal and you should not be scared.

After 20-30 minutes, you can wash your organ to remove the samsu oil if you think it could stop some other parts of foreplay but this is not a must.

Washing it will not prevent working. The period of the wait is to make sure your system absorbs the herbal contents.

Once waited enough after rubbing, you can start lovemaking. And once erected, you should have a much better performance.

In fact, you do not compulsorily needs to wash it off, the premature prevention oil is not greasy and you will be fine using it like that.

Samsu Oil Features

This premature delay ejaculation oil has some salient features. And some of those that you could be interested in includes:

NAFDAC approved: this oil has been certified and approved by NAFDAC for use in Nigeria. Hence, do not be scared as it is safe to use.

External Application: the samsu oil is only used externally. So, if you are the type that has an allergy to taking drugs, this is the perfect solution to having a great sex life.

You do not need to apply it every time you want to have intercourse. It is proven that this herbal premature ejaculation oil functions for up to 72 hours.

The oil is made from herbal constituents. It comprises of extracts from herbal roots.

samsu oil also has in it an antiseptic. This is meant to prevent you from contracting a venereal disease.


Using Samsu Oil with Condom

If you use a condom regularly, you can also combine the usage of samsu oil with it.

You already saw after rubbing the samsu oil  and waiting for about 20 to 30 minutes, the mixture gets dried and you can use your condom.

Once you have an erection, you can use your condom as usual and the samsu oil will still work perfectly.

The added advantage to using it with a condom is you will last longer as the condom adds an extra layer for the prevention of sensation.

In simple term, you can combine samsu oil with condom and even last longer.

The Price of Samsu Oil in Nigeria and Where to Buy It

The price actually varies depending on where you will buy it.

Generally, the price for a single pack is between ₦1,500 and ₦1,700 but it is always cheaper buying in bulk or two.

If you can, try to get combo to get discount because the size of the samsu oil bottle is so small and doesn’t last for several weeks.

The best is if you live in a city with different sellers, check at random to know the cheapest.

It is also available on Jumia and you can order combos for delivery to your location using the link below.

samsu oil


What Samsu Oil Does and Don’t In Summary

It is 100% a premature ejaculation prevention oil.

Some person thinks it can be used to enlarge the size of the penis.

Like explained earlier, if you need to work on the size of your sex organ, consider using the penis enlargement device.

It strengthens your sexual energy. That is why it is called delay ejaculation oil and can make you last up to 25 to 30 minutes during sex.

It can be combined with a condom if you want to. This does not stop it from functioning perfectly.

It is proven to work for up to 72hours. This means that you do not need to apply it every time.

What about an erection? Samsu oil does not help you get an erection. It only helps you to maintain an erection for a longer period.

It is approved by NAFDAC. Which means that it certifies all safety requirements to be used for the treatment of premature ejaculation.


The oil can be bought by you if you suffer from this ailment or if you know a friend who does.

Premature ejaculation is a worrisome issue in marriages and relationships.

The samsu oil helps to fix that by helping you or your friend find the best rhythm to lasting longer in bed.

Great to have you touched this. We’ll appreciate your feedback using this premature ejaculation prevention oil.

If there is another method or oil you have used to cure yours, you can also let us know using the comment box below.

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