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Meet Robotic Vacuums, the Devices That’ll Finally Make you Lazy

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Prices in Nigeria

DevicePriceBuy Link
MiJia Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2From ₦220,000
iLife A6 Smart Robotic Vacuum CleanerFrom ₦111,000 
JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum CleanerFrom ₦120,000 
Inlife I7 Robotic Vacuum CleanerFrom ₦77,000 
MinSu Robotic Vacuum CleanerFrom ₦90,000 
Universal Smart Robot Automatic VacuumFrom ₦30,000 

Oh, you’re hard working?

You love waking up early each day making sure to clean the home before leaving.

Hold on, you’re about to become lazy.

But then, your home will still be clean and maybe cleaner.

And you’ll now sleep more than before waking up to a clean surrounding.

But what really is going to perform the miracle?

Meet your new cleaning servants, the robotic vacuum cleaning devices.

These self-cleaning devices are intelligently built to be self-charged after a long time of cleaning activity in your home, enabling you to relax and watch as the magic is done.

A beauty of having any of these robotic cleaning devices is the ability to have them work even while you are not at home. Making it a great friend for hiding your dusty home if you have a visitor coming while away.

Some of these robotic vacuum cleaners come with remote access, giving you the power to direct them to work even when not at home.

Depending on the robot, some applies methodological approaches to cleaning, an intelligent cleaning method using sensors to tell where needs to be cleaned next while others work in random spaces.

But then, which is the best?

If you really want to be lazy and let the robotic vacuum cleaner do the household cleaning while you focus on something else, here are the top choices you should consider:



MiJia Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2

MiJia Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This human thinking device is powered by three intelligent processors for real-time movement tracking and capable of determining the best cleaning routes for your home using a mapping algorithm made possible by its 13 different sensors.

This Xiaomi robot vacuum has two functions.

It is made to sweep, and intelligently mop the floor after that, a feature powered by the bionic tank that allows it to absorb liquid and mop efficiently.

You can control the operation of this intelligent device using the Mijia App.

With this app, you can see the map of your home making it easy for you to direct the robot, automate cleaning by setting a time you want the device to do its job while away from home and also, customize the robot as a friend by giving it a name.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is powered by 5,200mAh battery capacity capable of working up to 2.5 hours.




iLife A6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ilife vacuum


Another great home cleaning robot with the ability to clean and dust surfaces.

Comes enabled in four modes that include:

  • Auto: Clean at a time desired without you being involved
  • Spot: control the device to the desired location within your home that needs sanitation attention
  • Edge: that intelligently walk around the edges removing dirt
  • Schedule: programming the device to clean at a time you prefer


The device is powered by 2,500mAh battery life capable of working up to 160 minutes.



JISIWEI S+ Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A smart device you will love.

Combines the functionalities of sweeping and security for a fun home.

This device added fun, with another level of security with its inbuilt camera and Wi-Fi technology.

You can view your home live from any remote location using the mobile app when connected to a network, a feature that keeps you connected with your family.

The app also enables you to take pictures and record videos from anywhere, a fun way to securely tell what is happening at home from anywhere.

It comes with a 2600mAh capacity battery capable of working up to 2 hours.




Inlife I7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Inlife I7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


This is another choice robotic vacuum cleaner for your home with the intelligence to sweep and dust surfaces easily.

The Inlife i7 robotic vacuum cleaner is enabled with a battery capacity of 2600mAh capable of doing the task for up to 1 hour and 30minutes.

Unlike the ones above, it comes with a handy remote that houses its function controls.




MinSu Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Another lovely hand remote-controlled device.

The MinSu Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is enabled with auto, spot, edge and scheduling modes with support for mopping.

It also encompasses intelligent mapping functionality that enables it to understand your home.

The MinSu device is capable of working for 90 minutes, thanks to its 2000mAh battery capacity.




Something for Test…

Universal Smart Robot Automatic Vacuum

Smart Robot Vacuum

This is pocket friendlier if you can’t afford the devices above, but the quality is at distance compared to the afore-explained.

This robotic vacuum cleaner works with hand remote and has the ability to clean and mop for about 60 minutes.

This is though not suitable for a long time use as it doesn’t support auto charging. What this means is that you will have to pick it up to charge if the device’s power runs down.

Auto scheduling too is not possible but it will sure not tear your pocket.

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