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What This Device Does to your Small Penis is Unimaginable

No doubt penis enlargement device helps if you feel shy about the size of your male organ.

If you do, your woman does even if she kept faking having a great sex with you.

According to Women’s Preferences for Penis Size research, women prefer the length of your penis to be up to 6.3 inches long and 4.8 inches wide.
Not every man has this luck of having a great penis except you’re from the Congo.

And with a wider penis, you stand more chances of improving sexual sensation through firm contact with the clitoris during penetration.
But what if you have a pencil-like sword?
We fetched a penis enlargement device that would be helpful.


Meet the Pro System Penis Enlargerment Device

penis enlarger device



This device is made to help you achieve your aim of having that dream penis length and wideness through a non-harmful method.
You have full control which enables you to increase and decrease the length of the penis during the exercise.
Your body reaction during the exercise is a sign of cells release which leads to the expansion of tissue around your penis.

This penis enlargement device contains different lengths of rods for maximum result.

The part coming in contact with your penis is made soft for better feel so you don’t feel pain.

To give you a better glimpse, here is the guide to using this device.

How to Use this Penis Enlargement Device

Insert it around your penis making sure the mouth maintains contact with the starting point.

It comes with different rods. If the current length is shorter than the length of your penis, add more.

Before you pin the penis enlargement device, draw the silicon tube down to tighten at the head point

Once you have done that, you can tighten it by bending the silicon tube tighter straight to the starting point

The screw is used for adjustment of the traction degree and length fine-tuning

Please, take it gently with the screw. Don’t over screw it to get a quicker result

It should be handled gently for about three months. You’ll see a great change in the look of your penis

It is advised for the first, two to three weeks, do not screw more than the 900g traction point to avoid injuring yourself

While screwing, take note of the rod point. Over screwing could disconnect the rod.

If you noticed such, add an extra rod

Take note also not to use this penis enlargement device for more than 4-5 hours the first 2 weeks.

As your organ continues to get used to it, you can go for more hours

At times, you might notice some irritating feeling at the head point. The device comes with a protective accessory you can use to cover before tightening the head.

The video below explains how you can use this Pro Extender System Penis Extender.


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