nigerian girl wasted t-shirt

“Nigerian Girl Wasted” You Won’t Believe What This Shirt Inscribe

Previously, we saw how some cool shirts explained normal things that happen in a broken relationship.

But then, this “Nigerian Girl Wasted” shirt takes it to another level with its inscription.

And if you are a boyfriend, you might stay off not to invite wahala at home with your woman.

But if you have an Amaka in your life, this could be a perfect message from you to her for being so disappointing.

Nigerian Girl Wasted T-Shirt

nigerian girl wasted tshirt

As seen on Jumia on October 1st, 2018. It might not be available but we’ll keep updating product link if still in stock


It’s a super t-shirt and a good companion for casual outings.

We hope it brings in the fun at home or at least, let your Amaka run away from your life or change for good so that you can dance shaku shaku.

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