NairaBet one game spoil my ticket

How NairaBet Still Pays When You Lost a Bet Narrowly Will Amaze You

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Have you bet an awesome game with a lot of assurance that you’ll win only for one of the best team on the ticket to fail?

It can be so daunting and painful especially when you have already made plans for what to do with your money once you cash out.

If you have won the least expected on the ticket, cash out before due becomes forgotten as you have big trust in your remaining odds.

Though many betting sites offer you an opportunity to cash out if a game on your ticket is ongoing but not favourable.

Cashout, while one of the games on your ticket is unfavourably ongoing, doesn’t give you any profit. Hardly you will even get your full staked amount.

Despite all the trust you had on that big team to win, you learned at the end of the day the game ended a draw.

You looked through your ticket, only to say silently to yourself “one game spoil my ticket”.

You stared right to left, and furiously hit your feet on the ground with the ticket angrily flying away from your hand.

What if you know you could actually say “one game spoil my ticket NairaBet”?

NairaBet is one of the best bookmakers in Nigeria and was rated 4.5/5 in our rating of the best sports booking sites in Nigeria.

Click NairaBet 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5) to claim 100% welcome bonus up to 100,000.

The platform has lots of rewarding initiatives for its members.

One of such is its “One Game Spoil My Ticket, Still Get Paid” program where you will still get some profits if one game spoilt your stake.


How the NairaBet One Game Spoil My Ticket Works

The requirements that define how much you will be paid after losing a bet depends on the following terms:

10 Games and Above

This reward applies if your total games on the ticket are up to 10 or more.

Meaning that if you have a bet of nine games with just one spoiling such ticket, you are not eligible for the NairaBet “one game spoil my ticket, still get paid” reward.

Minimum of 1.2 Odds Per Game

You possibly understand what this entails.

Your lowest odd for each of the games on your ticket must be 1.2.

You will be ineligible for payment if, for instance, one single game has 1.1 odd on a ticket with other fifteen games that has 1.2 odds above.

You might want to recheck your ticket if you are here figuring how to get some money from NairaBet for your failed stake.

₦100, 000 Star Reward

Maximum ₦100, 000 can be rewarded for any lost bet that satisfies above requirements.

So, if you are fine with the rules, let’s see what’s up next.


How Much Will You Get from NairaBet One Game Spoil My Ticket Reward

You should already know the full profit will not come to you.

This promotional reward is an initiative to compensate your loyalty using the betting platform.

That said, the following metrics apply for calculating how much you will get from NairaBet one game spoil my ticket reward:

NOGSMT = ((Expected winnings – bonus) – lost bet) * 10%

Don’t scramble your brain, this is not another arithmetic class. Here is what this means below:

If you check your ticket, the total winning potential is your expected winnings. This usually includes the bonus.

Say you have the following games on your ticket:

A vs B12.50Won
C vs D13.50Won
E vs F25.50Won
G vs H12.40Won
I vs J12.90Won
K vs L11.55Lost
M vs Nx1.22Won
O vs P14.65Won
Q vs R14.65Won
S vs T13.50Won
Stake ₦ 100
Total Odds  47,934
Winnings ₦  4,793,419.75
Bonus ₦ 239,670.99
Total Winnings ₦ 5,033,090.74

Unfortunately, you lost your bet for K vs L:


First, you will remove the expected winning bonus from your expected total winnings.

In this case, ₦5,033,090.74 – ₦239,670.99. This will give us a bet winning balance of ₦4,793,419.75.

Once you have your bet winning balance, remove the potential profit for the lost bet from the balance.

This you will achieve dividing the bet winning balance by the odd of the lost bet.

In this case, ₦4,793,419.75 divided by 1.55 to give ₦3,092,528.87.

You have done a lot of mathematics till now.

Your potential winning for the NairaBet one game spoil my ticket reward is then 10% of your potential winning without the lost bet.

That is 10% of ₦3,092,528.87 to give ₦ 309,252.89.

While you are smiling for the awesomeness of the reward, it is limited to just ₦100, 000 which is still ok.

This is still huge of a compensation and remembers the bet was just a ₦100 stake.

How interesting your potential reward depends on your expected total winning balance.


In case you are wondering how much you should have won if you never included the lost bet.

You would have won ₦3,247,155.32. If you want to calculate that, apply the following:

Total Winning = Potential Winning + Bonus

In this case:

Potential Winning = ₦3,092,528.87 (from the expected winning without the lost bet)

Bonus = Potential Winning * 5%. Which is:

Bonus = ₦3,092,528.87 * 5% = ₦154,626.44

Total Winning = ₦3,092,528.87 + ₦154,626.44

Your total winning is then ₦3,247,155.32

Now, you imagine if you never included the lost bet. Well, you might be lucky next time.

If you love betting, this NairaBet one game spoil my ticket is something you should jump on as it looks a better safe bet.

If you don’t have an account with this bookmaker, you can open one as it is one of the best-rated sports bookmakers in Nigeria.

That said, if you have question or clarifications about this reward, go ahead and hit the comment section below.

Don’t forget, we love your feedback and that is why Meedul is your friend.

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