mocoro sweep ball

This Looks Like a Tennis Ball But The Intelligence is Magical

Chances are you’ve not heard of Mocoro Ball.

We love keeping the home neat at least, for that visitor coming soon.

But what about those lazy times you just want to stay stuck watching movies or fancies to sleep?

It can be so annoying and shaming if someone bumps in without notice to see how untidy your home is.

Only if you know you could actually stay lazy, sleep and watch movies without fear of that cute friend appearing unknowingly. Why?

Because there’s a fun-loving robot that will take the pain of sweeping the home away from you and bet, your friend will be jealous of your new cleaning servant.


If you love tennis, this isn’t really a tennis ball but something that’ll wow your imagination.

This automatic rolling sweep ball is one of the technological beauties from Japan

It is amongst the trends of intelligent vacuum cleaners meant to make living in a clean home a lot less stressful.


The Mocoro Ball That Makes Sweeping Worth Watching

mocoro sweep ball mini


Named mocoro ball and made of furry cover, this ball is powered by AA batteries.

It rolls around removing dirt and dust in your home, saving you time to do other things.

If not for everything, a reason to have this mocoro sweep ball is for cleaning places where your hand is difficult to reach.

Example of those places includes underneath the sofas, freezers, and other cranny places.

If you did get this fun sweep-friend, make sure to tell us how fun it is cleaning your home with this colourful discovery.

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