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Unbelievable Toys That’ll Invite More Fun and Make Your Kids Happier

Every child love that second friend. And none makes them happier than one they can experience with like the real world (their own way).

And just like you, they know good things. Gifting them one of the best kids toys in Nigeria means a lot.

We are the teens and so many things in this world seems like imaginations.

Few are we allowed to experience to see how these things work without having to long for every time.

Mum thinks we can’t help make her hair, neither do daddy thinks about us driving him to his next outing.

Every time, mother says she will like me to become an electrical engineer but she will say no each time I got close to the stabilizer.

What is in the world for us? Imaginations, Imaginations, Imaginations.

While growing up, it was prevalent in Nigeria having ‘irrelevant’ baby dolls even though you are from an average family.

Plastic baby dolls especially the female-prototype toys were famous and a typical person who grew up in Nigeria knew every child loves them even if a male.

The reason every parent goes for female-prototype plastic baby dolls for both male and female kids was that there was none other.

The ‘Igbo’ hawkers of plastic baby dolls prefer this kind of toys since they sell faster than most others.

These dolls were famous for their noise by pressing their stomachs, something the kids fancies much.

Down the age, those have changed and we now have enough fun-filled kids toys in Nigeria you can get for your children.

Every kid loves toys. You can tell that with nursery textbooks having a lot of art-filled pictures children crave for.

If you want to make them happier and invites more fun to your home, get them one of the best playmates they crave for.

Kids are a fun loving freak and the best you can do is get them one of the best kids toys in Nigeria.

They are so many educative playmates out there but if you really want to get them something amazing and fun, look out for one that will invite happiness.

We know how much every parent love to see their kids appreciate learning without having to take a cane and force them to pick up their reading materials.

In spite of that, nothing encourages them than having one of the best educative kids toys in Nigeria.


The Best Kids Toys in Nigeria

Here below are the top toy picks for making them go crazy about learning.


Leapfrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Gaming System

Leapfrog LeapTV Kids Toys in Nigeria

This ia s one-of-a-kind learning mate that combines body movement with motion driven games.

The system is made intelligently to recognize the movement of kids while playing the game connected via HDMI to the television inviting a whole new level of fun.

It comes packed with lots of games including that which will improve their arithmetic, spelling, dancing, logical reasoning skills and more.

Some of the lovely games include famous kids characters like Spider Man, Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies, Disney Pixars Collections and more.

Here is a special EvanTubeHD review of this game.

  • Price: Starts from ₦40, 000
  • Age: 3+
  • Features: fun three ways to play: pointer, classic controls, and body motion. 


Digiart Creative 3-in-1 Easel

Digiart Creative 3in1 Kids Toys in Nigeria

This is a super creative learning kids toys that combine the convenience of a reading table and the fun of acting a teaching aid.

Your kid can easily switch between using it as a table, a creative erasable board and the fun of having him play with it as a chalkboard.

  • Price: Starts from ₦60, 000
  • Age: 3+
  • Features: It comes with a magic pen for a creative drawing and learning. And also, your child will have access to over 100 learning aid objects.


Vtech InnoTab 3S Plus

Vtech InnoTab 3S Plus Kids Toys in Nigeria

One of the video-enabled educative kids toys in Nigeria.

It combines the look of a tablet and awesome list of amazing games your children can play.

Another great reason this looks amazing is its ability to connect through WiFi which enable communicate with your kids and also compete in games with them.

The gaming tablet is powered with a camera which they can use to take photos and even an ability to turn the pictures into another gaming object.

This Vtech product is powered to help them improve their skills in mathematics, English, logical and more.

  • Price: Starts from ₦70, 000
  • Age: 3+
  • Features: WiFi that enables communication between you and the kids, several games in spelling, mathematics, logic and more

Here is the review from its manufacturer:



LeapStart™ Kindergarten & 1st Grade Interactive Learning System LeapFrog

Kids Toys in Nigeria LeapStart Kindergarten 1st Grade Interactive Learning System

An awesome interactive learning aid for your kids.

This educative product magically connects with over 400 skill-packed activities in 16 different books tailored to meet the levels of kids.

Your kids get to acquired skills in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, logic and more in an interactive fun way.

  • Price: Starts from ₦40, 000
  • Age: 2+
  • Features: over 400 packed interactive games geared towards improving kids’ skill sets.

Here is a quick video view of the lovely features of this learning aid.




Auldon New Color Computer Intellective x80 Activities

Kids Toys in Nigeria AuldonAuldon New Color Computer Intellective

Another interactive kids toys in Nigeria from a famous Nigerian company known for making great kids products.

This interactive and colourful computer enables kids to improve their spelling, vocabulary, logic, mathematics and more skills by playing with this toy computer.

It is made for durability with its ABS plastic body material which will make it a long-lasting friend to your kids.

The device is powered with AA battery which can be bought separately and inserted to bring life the interactive activities.

And just like a regular computer, it comes packed with a toy mouse which make the kids having a feel of a normal computer.


  • Price: Starts from ₦20, 000
  • Age: 5+
  • Features: over 80 packed interactive games geared towards improving kids’ skill sets.


You don’t need anyone to tell how much the kids love toys.

They model their lives around famous characters like the Disney Sofia, Spider Man and others which they see watching shows on Disney, Nickelodeon and more.

So, get them one of the best kids toys in Nigeria and invites more fun at home while helping them improve their skill sets.


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