iTEL Wants to Take Over UNILAG and They Have an Interesting Way to do it

So aww… if you’re not in Lagos this period.

The top in town is iTEL has launched iTELUnilagTakeover in a bid to finally take over UNILAG and you’ll be surprised why.

The company plans to cause a social media uproar by flooding everywhere by rewarding you for creatively taking pictures of any historic area within your hostel.

This campaign is running through from 30th of July 2018 until 17th of August, 2018.

It will feature lots of fun including an opportunity to get that lovely iTel device you’ve been longing for.

If you have a mobile device with a powerful camera, show your creativity for a chance to win lots of prizes.


How to Participate in the Photo Contest



First, you’ll need to take an awesome picture using an iTEL giant ball. If you don’t have access to it:

  • An option is to take a creative shot beside any historic area within your hostel.


Once you have your beautiful face on the picture believing it to put you in front to win, do these steps below:

  • Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with hashtag #itelUnilagTakeover. Don’t forget to tag @itelMobileNG
  • Once you have your picture online, meet an assigned Hostel Exco informing him about your uploaded picture. That qualifies to get you a ticket for a raffle draw.


We’re also online watching you. If you’re in for this, kindly let us know by tweeting at us your upload @mymeedul.


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