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Hate Mosquitos? Here are New Ways to Send Them Packing

If you don’t know, Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by Plasmodium parasite transmitted through female Anopheles mosquito.

This disease is prevalent in Africa with millions of reported death cases annually.

You have seen several solutions to getting rid of mosquitoes.

Amongst include using mosquito coil which doesn’t give your nostrils balance, spray-insecticide which is not a healthy choice.

In a bid to getting you something convenient, below were made to bring healthier solutions in your hands.


Kill Using Photocatalyst Lamp

A great option rather than using harmful chemicals.

This uses the light wave to attract flying mosquitoes, which in turns dries them by inhaling them into the motor.

mosquito lamp

A suitable companion, especially to babies and pregnant women and the safest compared to insecticide and coils.

It’s effectiveness at delivering and low consumption of power makes it a great option for dealing with this malaria inviting insect.


Pursue by Zapping

If you have seen a tennis match, you know how they spike the tennis ball to the opponent court using the racket.

The working modality of this apparatus is akin to using a racket but only you do not apply so much strength trying to win points.

mosquito swatter

The racket-like device works by taking it around. Once an insect comes in contact with the mesh region, it becomes the end of the world for that victim.

The device relies on the power of its rechargeable battery to zap mosquitoes and other insects in its electrolyte mesh. This technology means you only need to get it close to an insect without having to do much.




The traditionally known is….

Mosquito Net

Apparently, the best when it comes to getting rid of this life-threatening insects.

The effectiveness of this apparatus does not only applies to killing mosquitos, other insects see mosquito nets as a great enemy.

Treated nets kill the insect once there is a contact. And their portability made them a great choice for outdoor (event) use.

In addition to being affordable, the mosquito net is a great choice for managing money as it can be reused severally.


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