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We’re Gifting Free US Phone Numbers to People That Cares + $10

Ever hooked looking for how to get a free US phone number outside the United States when you got bumped to verify an account?

It happened to us. We hated it as that screamed life out of us because we needed money for urgency.

We spent over 72hours looking for the perfect solution to solve our headache.

After aches of trials using one method to another, we hit a success that gave us smiles at the end.

We had to be generous and make it a lot easier. We do not want to keep that as a secret only known to us.

That is why for the next few minutes, we will be showing you exactly what took us 3 days to resolve in 5 minutes or less.

We think you really deserve more and we will gift you extra $10 if you shop online regularly.

Believing that will give you an added smile.


Why Free US Phone Number?

You might be wondering why we are doing this when we already own a local number for communication and also WhatsApp for global communication.

Being an online-freak person, you will understand the monopolistic nature of the businesses you deal with.

Unfortunately, most foreign paying parties reside in the United States and primary mode of contact is their own local number.

Because most people need the means to verify their legitimacy, grabbing a free US phone number becomes important.

And if you are starting a product-focused business targeting audience in the United States, you need no one telling you why you need a US mobile number.

This does not just add a bit of trust but convenience to locals calling you as it will be a lot cheaper.

Whether planning to start a business, looking for how to get a free us phone number for verification or for fun, we will help out.

What if you are travelling to the United States soon?

This method will save you the headache of roaming your phone number (which will cost you lots).

Below, we have made it so simple that in the next five minutes, your friends will be able to call you on your new fancy-free US mobile number.


Free US Phone Number for PayPal

We decided to cover this first because it was actually what we were trying to fix while switching our account to a business.

It can be so painful when you are seeing value on your PayPal account but can’t do anything other than looking at it.

It was joy in the house with free money received from our friends through eBates only to get asked to confirm our legitimacy especially when we needed the money to build a new product.


Before you proceed, recall we promised a free $10 gift?

This free money is courtesy of our friends at eBates.

It is an online shopping gateway that let you save each time you spend money online on any of their partnering sites.

Luckily, Amazon, AliExpress and GearBest inclusive if you use them regularly.

How it works is that the company will pay you back a certain percentage of what you spend buying products on any of these websites.

If you are very wise which we believe you are, it should be your starting point for shopping.

And because we got our pains for a free US phone number solved when they gifted us some money, we decided to let you know about them.

But not just knowing them, you should with a free amazing gift as a loyal reader.

So, as a token of love, here is your free $10 powered by the kind people at eBates.


Hmmm, we are very kind. Isn’t it? You really deserve it.

That end, let’s hit the gear to getting your number.

We tried a bunch of solutions using poorly written guides online on how to get free US mobile number.

Unfortunately, not all work for PayPal. In fact, some platforms will tell you they don’t support the format of SMS by PayPal.

While using some, you might even get yourself at a risk of a ban as PayPal is tough when it comes to security.

So, what is the solution that cured our illness of a free US verification phone number for PayPal?


Free US Phone Number for PayPal Verification Using Hushed

We don’t need to keep you guessing anymore, this is the solution that worked for us.

But then, what is Hushed?


Free Us Phone Number Hushed

Think of Hushed as the saviour to people looking for fake and permanent or disposable ‘free’ US mobile numbers needed for something urgent.

The provider gives you access to thousands of multiple-choice mobile phone prefixes (country codes) to over 60 countries.

Luckily, some of those countries supported include the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The dominants when it comes to dealing with partners online.


How to get your free US mobile number using Hushed

First is that the platform works on smartphones. But if you only have your PC, we have a solution for you.

For some users, it is difficult tracing the app especially if the developer has not enabled visibility of the app to your country.

If you are affected by this, we advise using the PC option by first downloading BlueStacks.

If you are wondering what a BlueStacks is.

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for computers.

The desktop application enables you to run Android apps on your PC as you will do on your smartphone.

Think of it as an option to own an Android operating system in addition to your current computer OS.

Once you have it installed, launch the application on your PC to access your new Android home.

Once you have launched it, everything else applicable to mobile phones below can be done on your BlueStacks app.


Installing the Hushed Mobile App for Free US Mobile Number

In order to cover for every bit of challenges you and the other person reading this will face, we will be using the BlueStacks app.

If you have an iOS device or a different Android emulator, we are not scaring you away.

The process is pretty much the same.

  • For Android users, visit your Google Play Store home and search for Hushed. It is usually Hushed – 2nd Phone Number by AffinityClick Inc.


  • If you are a Steve Job guy or of the iOS (Apple) world, launch AppStore and search for Hushed – 2nd Phone Number by AffinityClick Inc.


  • We have done the reviews reading for you, skip that and click to install it


  • Once installed, launch it to start the process of owning your free US phone number


Are you excited? Feel free to check the slides to see what the app offers.

For us, we are skipping since we have seen them while confirming if it meets our needs.


  • Click the Get Started button and select the ‘Sign Up’ option


  • If you hate the long data forms, smiles as you will only need to provide your email and choose a password convenient to you


  • Once you have filled the fields, click the ‘Sign Up’ button and you will be prompted to agree to the terms which we believe you will happily do at least, for now


  • If you are asked to grant the app permissions especially to your microphone, storage and call status, kindly do as those are required for it to function properly


  • If you have followed the steps above, you have just 60 seconds to get your free US phone number


  • Click the ‘GET NEW NUMBER’ button at the bottom left to access your new free US mobile number


  • This number is usually at the top before you see country-list but there is a clause


Free US Phone Number Hushed Trial

(if you didn’t see your free 2nd number, refer to the next step)


Your new free US phone number is actually valid for three days. Don’t panic yet if you want to keep it.

You can keep this as long as you want if you need this for something serious. And we think you should if it is for a business reason.

This will come at a fee that starts from a low $1.99 for the 7 Days plan or our preferred $9.99 for a 90 Day option.

Fortunately, if you need one for something sharp and dump, the premium plan doesn’t look an enticing option.


  • If you haven’t seen your free US mobile number, apologies as you will need a step further to get yours but it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to join the club


Hi Support,


I stumbled upon your application through Meedul but haven’t seen my trial free US phone number yet.


My registered email is [email protected]




You can make the subject simple “My Free US Phone Number”


Do not forget to replace [email protected] with your own registered email address.


  • You will get feedback within 30 minutes after sending the email


  • Once your trial window is active, you can then try the step above for getting your free US mobile number


  • You’ll be required to provide a 3 digit area code to claim your free US phone number

The code differs by area in the state, it should tally with the address you used if you need this for PayPal.

Simply googling the area name + state + ‘area code’ will give you a solution. An example is San Francisco + California + area code

Another option is using Hushed itself by selecting the United States under the ‘Most Popular’ section. Select ‘mobile’ and search by state name.

Once the results are displayed, the first three digits after +1 will be your area code. e.g +1(415)1234567 for San Francisco (415)

Just take note and go back to the 3-day trial option to provide this details to activate your free US phone number trial version.


  • This number can be used for calling, SMS and the premium version supports call forwarding and even toll-free


Other Methods for Getting a Free US Phone Number

We don’t know what you need the number for. It could be fun or just for a one-time gig.

Whatever your pain is to get a free US mobile number, below are some of the tricks we tried and they worked perfectly for just getting one for quick use.


Free US Phone Number for WhatsApp

We don’t know why people actually do this but if your business is dependent on WhatsApp and wants to fake being in the United States, this looks a good solution.

There is an app called Wabi by Applaud Soft.

Free Us Phone Number Wabi

This app basically enables you to verify your WhatsApp number using a fake contact number.

It supports numbers from over 60 countries that you can generate to use with WhatsApp.

If you need a more generic number for your business, we advise you to go for Hushed above to avoid the stress of managing multiple routes for contacting your customers.

Note also that this number is only valid for use with WhatsApp.


Temporary Free US Phone Number for One-time Use

One of the methods on how to get a free US mobile number we came across was this funny trick.

Funny in the sense that you will have to share a single number with thousands of people with a similar illness.

This is fine for websites you do not trust to give your real contacts and just need to do something sharp.

Some of those websites include chat communities and apps that require to must-supply your contact number.

If you are in such a scenario, visit SMSReceiveFree, the web app that gives a free US phone number for receiving short messages.

The numbers on this website are disposable (usually after 14 days) and you shouldn’t use it for anything serious.


Other Ways Seen on the Journey to Having Our Free US Phone Number

We know this is not that relevant since we have given you what we think you really need.

But as documentation so that you can laugh at us while we were hitting our keypads looking for a solution.

Some of the other amazing discoveries we made include:

(they really worked and if you have the energy as we had, give them a try):

  • Telos Free Phone Number and Unlimited Calls and Text
  • TextMe: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number
  • iPlum: 2nd Phone Number US, Canada, 800 Toll-Free


Truth is, all the applications we tested worked fine for the generation of a free US mobile number.

The only problem we faced was the inability to receive our verification code from PayPal.

And like we mentioned earlier, we were in the free US phone number hunting market because we needed to spend some credits on our PayPal balance.

After days of annoying-stress, we finally and joyfully hunted what worked for us.

Do you think the stress was worth it? That depends on what you really need it for and to us, it was.

Before we hit our final full stop, let us quickly answer one question you might be tempted to ask.


Can you receive calls from your free US phone number?

Though we didn’t check this feature for all the platforms we tested but sure, the few like Hushed above supports that on its premium plans.

If you are looking for a feature that enables you to speak to your customers without having to connect every time to the internet, it works.

Hushed, through its call forwarding feature enable calls to your US phone number to be routed to your local number.

And the beauty is that you do not have to worry about your contact knowing about you living outside the United States.

They see your US mobile number but you receive it locally on your own number (outside Hushed).

Do you have to pay any extra? This is an addon if you are on the premium plans and requires no extra payment.

Other cool features of this app are the ability to have custom voicemail greetings and auto-replies SMSs which are great for customer service if you want to use your US contact number for business communications.

So, if you need a free US phone number for anything, we think one of the methods should work just fine.

We are looking to improve this and if there is a method that has worked for you, do kindly let us know using the comment box below.

Before you leave, do not forget to share, someone could be a victim of this illness of how to get a free US phone number on your network.

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