Free ₦100, 000 Monthly, You Want? This Diamond Xtra Promises

Diamond Xtra Account

Who doesn’t need Diamond Xtra Account when it promises an amazing ₦100, 000 monthly salaries for life?

Get someone the placard that has on it “Happy Lazy Nigerian.”

He wouldn’t care what people will say while proudly walking around with it.

All because despite being lazy, his pockets sing a lot of praises every month without doing anything other than sleeping, taking bath, having fun and eating all day.

That is the power this Diamond Xtra promises. An amazing ₦100, 000 every month for being lazy.

If he is such a wise man and loves sleeping a lot, he can be increasing his ‘lazy’ salary by farming while still sleeping.

The aftermath is something many hard working guys cannot compete with. Don’t you want that?


What is Diamond Xtra?

We call it the lazy man’s doorway to living big.

But then, Diamond Bank believe is the way to give back to the community of banking customers by offering them add-ons to enjoy the Xtra Account?

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Well, we are not saying you are lazy and need it, it just for convenience 

The Diamond Xtra Account

 Just while you are thinking of being the ‘lazy’ salary earner, take a look at what promises to be awesome.

This savings account grants you an opportunity to increase your saved money at 2% daily. Can you do the math?

Hold on, let’s do it for you.

The terms not quite clear yet if there is a limit but we will do the math assuming the interest will be paid on your monthly balance.

Imagine you have just ₦5,000 in your account and at 2% monthly interest for the next 5 months.

Months OBL CBL
1 ₦5,000 ₦5,100
2 ₦5,100 ₦5,202
3 ₦5,202 ₦5,306.04
4 ₦5,306.04 ₦5,412.1608
5 ₦5,412.1608 ₦5,520.404016



We just built an awesome tree of wealth.

Before you run around asking for what we mean in the table:

  • Months: basically, figures denoting from first till the fifth month of savings with Diamond Xtra account
  • OBL: your opening balance for each of the months considering no bank charges for value-added services like SMS alerts and others
  • CBL: your closing balance for each of those months

So, at the end of the fifth month, there is an extra ₦520 you can spare for a day at Amaka’s restaurant without fear of disappointment.

That figure might not be enticing but understand you only saved ₦5,000.

If your savings starting balance was ₦300,000, we’ll be talking about close to an amazing ₦30,000.

Then, you will be looking at one of the best smartphones within that price.

If you have won a bet worth millions of naira from one of the betting companies, you can gift yourself a Diamond Xtra account worth ₦1,000,000.

That means minimum ₦20, 000 monthly. Do that looks like a salary for life?

Were you an MMM fan, why not dump your ‘Get Help’ ₦10, 000,000 into this savings account?

Gifting as far as ₦10m, that is ₦200, 000 monthly ‘interest’ Salary4Life and equivalence to 50% interest on your PH if you use Bitcoin worth ₦400, 000.

If you were the good Christian/Muslim while some sharp guys made and lost money on MMM, forgive us for bringing it on. Just for fun!

Heads on if you are interested in learning more about this account.

But if you will love to know about the ₦100k Salary4Life, click here to take a speedy drive in.

 Features of Diamond Xtra Account

You have already seen one of the amazing features of this account. 2% monthly interest on your savings.

The interest though will be forfeited if you withdraw more than four times in a month?

We are sure you wouldn’t even withdraw up to two times. Who doesn’t love free money?

The other things worth knowing about the Diamond Xtra Savings Account includes:

  • Free access to online banking
  • You can deposit cheques and dividend warrants into your savings account
  • Multiple location banking through Diamond Bank branch walk-ins, mobile money agents, and/or through the bank’s promoters
  • ATM withdrawals at any bank at no charges nationwide
  • Up to N1,000,00 deposits on a monthly basis with no additional charges
  • There is though a ₦100 charge every time you withdraw less than ₦40,000
  • HealthXtra: For just ₦6,000 annually, you enjoy health care for malaria, infections etc. courtesy of a partnership between the bank and HMO providers.
  • Access to Diamond Xtra Credit Card limited to 75% of your credit card balance


Credit Cards: a reloadable card that works similar to your regular ATM debit cards but only limited to the amount loaded on it.

It differs from the normal debit card in the sense that it doesn’t connect directly to your account. You load it before using hence, only limited to what you have on it enables you to save.



How to Open a Diamond Xtra Account

It is such an amazing account that promises a lot. If you want to open one, below are the steps to paying yourself a mini salary4Life:

  1. Download and Fill the Application form. Available here
  2. In it, attach your passport and signature specimen (two)
  3. You also need to send the form with a valid ID card (International Passport, Driving License, Voters Card, National ID Card or Resident Permit for foreigners)
  4. Do not forget to marry the documents with a utility bill (PHCN, Waste Management Bill etc.) not older than three months. This is needed to prove your KYC address.


KYC: it is a term in the financial and customer service industry meaning ‘Know Your Customer’. Usually involves collecting information about you needed for security and reference purpose.


Once you have gathered the necessary documents, visit any Diamond Bank branch and submit to open an account.

If you live in a place with no access to a branch, you might be fine sending the necessary details to [email protected] with a small introductory line.

Once the account is open, you can fund by transferring money from your other bank accounts into it.

So what next?


Diamond Xtra Salary4Life

Diamond Xtra Account Salary4life

If you have been reading without skipping a line, pat yourself on the chest and say you deserve a salary for life.

By the way, we are not saying you don’t deserve if you skipped some lines. After all, Ambode got accolades for making it faster for Lagosians to reach the other sides faster.

We also know bridges are important and that is why we provide them on all our guides so that you can read what matters if there’s an Amaka to catch up with urgently.

What is Diamond Xtra Salary4Life?

It is a promotional add-on to the Diamond Xtra Savings Account.

This promotion usually runs from a day determined by the bank until the end of the year.

It has been running for sometimes now with Season 7 held in 2014 and the 10th in 2018.

That means they skipped the promotion in 2017 before a cameo the following year.

 The bank uses this promotion to reward close to 5,000 participants with over N400m.

Amazingly, it comes with an awesome ₦100k monthly salary for life to one lucky participant every month.

By the way, if you win the monthly salary4Life, you will continue to enjoy it for 20 years.

There is also a quarterly gift to one lucky customer with the prize for the season 8 edition being a Hyundai car.

If you are not lucky to be graced by any of the above in the draws, you can be lucky to enjoy:

Five years of free education. That looks amazing, isn’t it?

The bank will take care of your education allowances if you are a student for the next five years saving you huge cash.

Do you live in Ikorodu in Lagos or a far-to-reach area in Nigeria and wish to move to the Island or where life bubbles?

If this answers a yes to you, this could be your chance to try your luck.

This promotion also will afford you an opportunity to live in somewhere nice for the next 12months if you are lucky to be chosen.

There is also GEM Points to be won which you can use to redeem cool stuff (like products, airtime and more) on Diamond Banks’ GEM Points portal.

So how do you become a salary earner of ₦100, 000 monthly without actually doing anything serious other than being lazy for 20 years?


Requirements for Participating in Diamond Xtra Salary4Life

  • Existing Customers: if you already have an account with Diamond Bank, you can walk-in and request for a Diamond Xtra account.
  • Once you have one, fund your account with ₦5,000.
  • Freshers: you will need to open a Diamond Xtra Savings Account. You can check our guides on how to do that.
  • Once you have one, you will have to fund it with N5,000 for a chance to win a Salary4Life.


Point to note though is that: if you want to participate in the monthly draw, you must increase your savings with at least ₦5,000 on monthly basis.

Though there is a limit of ₦1,000,000 per month, the more multiples of N5,000 deposits increase your chances.

If you live somewhere without a branch to fund the account, consider using secondary options like USSD or online from your other bank’s account.

There is no term that says you must walk-in to fund.

As long as you deposit a minimum of ₦5,000 monthly, you are eligible to win.


The salary4Life is a great opportunity to jump on but even if you do not win, the features of this Diamond Xtra Savings Account look amazing.

Just imagine treating malaria, burns and other ailments with just ₦6,000?

That will be a huge saving and a great one, especially for emergencies.

If not for anything, the HealthXtra should make it a reason to consider this account for each member of your family.

So, what are you thinking? Let us know your reactions using the comment box below.

Do not forget, a friend is out there and this could change his life. Kindly share to help someone.

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