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This cheapest flights in Nigeria comparison tool is made for you to save some money on your next flight booking. It is brought to you in partnership with Travelstart.

Please, kindly be patient as we need a few seconds to fetch the cheapest flights available.

What This Cheapest Flights in Nigeria Comparison Covers

        Cheapest Flight
This utilizes the huge data of Travelstart to fetch the cheapest flights in Nigeria available today for your chosen destination.

   Convenient Booking
You can conveniently and securely pay for your flight booking in few steps.
All payments are handled by Travelstart and currently accepts Visa and Mastercard.

    Immediate e-Ticket
Once you complete your payment, an e-ticket will be emailed to your inbox. The sender will be Travelstart and every detail will be in the mail including a copy of your ticket for check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan travelling international, you can smile as you can also check, compare and book international airlines using this.

Kindly select your departure city and specify the destination city respectively.

Once you have done this and the necessary selection, click search to compare fares to see the cheapest flights in Nigeria available to international destinations.

The answer to this is yes if the reason is beyond your control.

Bookings on Meedul are handled by Travelstart and as a result, you are fully covered by its Medical Cancellation Refund terms.

Unfortunately, the answer to this is No.

How I wish we can change this but no airline offers a refund for missing your flight.

Depending on the airline, you might be allowed to board the next available flight or you will be given a discount on your next trip.

Once you complete your booking, an email is sent to you containing your flight details. This include:

  • Travelstart Reference Number: this is needed for issue resolution with Travelstart and what you’ll present to us in case you faces any challenge
  • Airline Booking Reference Number: this is the reference number of the cheapest flight in Nigeria you booked. You will need this for checking in at the airport or online if your carrier provides that
    • Some carriers provide a feature that allows you to check-in online on their website
      • If the airline you booked provides that, kindly visit the website and provide your airline reference number and other required data to generate your boarding pass
    • The second option is the traditional method of visiting the airline terminals for check-in

We do not have any direct partnership with any airline operator in Nigeria.

But currently, we maintain an affiliation with Travelstart to fetch data that will enable you to book the cheapest flights in Nigeria.

We put you first and we’ll be happy to help.

For all booking enquiries, you can contact us by calling +234 706 667 2644 or Travelstart on +234 (0) 1 280 0661.

There is an email option: shoot us at [email protected] and we promise a reply within 24hrs.

We love first timers and that is why we exist.

Booking online is as valid as booking using an agency or at the terminal.

The only difference is that it is faster and even cheaper than using an agency when you use the online platform for your bookings.

We are a consumer-focused brand. This means that we put you first in everything that we do.

All bookings are handled by Travelstart. We only provide this interface to you so that you can compare to see the cheapest flights in Nigeria.

It is made in such a way that you can safely and conveniently make payments using any of Visa or MasterCard.

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Checking the Cheapest Flights in Nigeria

The tool provides three interfaces for you to specify your choice before clicking search to get a list of the cheapest airlines to board.
Before continuing your search for the cheapest flights in Nigeria, it is important to understand the following:

One Way: this selection means that your ticket will just be valid for a single flight.
A one-way flight from Benin to Abuja, for instance, means that you are stopping at Abuja and your ticket expires.
This is fine if you are travelling to a destination and has no plan of travelling back soon.

Return: just as the name signifies, this means you will be returning back to your departure city once you are done with an assignment at the landing city.
A return flight requires two dates:

  •  First is the day you want to travel
  •  And second is the day you want to return

You have the option to choose your flight time and preferred class of flight.
The return flight is better if you’ll be returning back as this in addition to convenience might also be cheaper as flight fees fluctuate.

Multi City: the third option is the multi-city booking.
This is relevant if you plan to travel to different cities using the same airline operator.
The multi-city plan also saves you some money like the return flight option.
Depending on time and season, the prices of flights changes and you might save some money booking in time.


This company is responsible for the data we provide to you to check the cheapest flights in Nigeria.
Travelstart is a leading online travel agency with offices across the globe.
The company provides a rich platform to enable you book flights by comparing prices of different airlines so that you can save money.
They rolled out their services in Nigeria in 2012 covering flights, hotels and car rentals.
Since launching, they have become everyone's favourite for their intuitive user interface, good customer service and consideration for money saving.
The company started in 1999 in Sweden and currently employs over 200 experienced travel professionals to cater to the needs of its increasing audience.

The Partnership

We partnered with Travelstart to bring this service to you as our goals of being consumer-focused aligns.
We want you to have an easy access to booking flights from a single interface that shows all fares associated with different airlines.
This way, you have a view of what is on offer before you choose which is the best for you.
We hope this help you save enough money by booking the cheapest flights in Nigeria for yourself and others.

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