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Why Aren’t You Loving Ankara Backpacks?

When it comes to style, there is something special about carrying Ankara backpacks.

Despite their uniqueness, it is rare to see one using them like the regular backpacks.

Do you know the reason?

Well, we don’t and that is why we went looking for what makes the regular ones different from Ankara backpacks.

Surprisingly, we found no difference except that Ankara backpacks come with the unique design and uniqueness of the Ankara.

One usually feels the bags could get soaked in water especially if caught unaware by the rain.

But the truth is, like the regular ones, Ankara backpacks also embodies in them inner linings that prevents the penetration of water under the rain.

What else we thought about is the colour of the material, how it will play when one is washing the bag.

These bags are made considering washing, meaning you can confidently wash and use them for a long time.

Ankara backpacks are very lovely and their uniqueness like the ones below makes them a choice to someone who desires class.


African Things Ankara Classic Backpack

African Things Ankara Classic Bag Pack - Green



Fashion Danshiki Ankara Backpack

Ankara Backpacks in Nigeria Fashion Danshiki



Fashion Ankara Backpack – Blue

Ankara Backpacks in Nigeria Fashion Ankara Backpack - Blue


Fashion Sucrosecrafts – Ankara Inspired Backpack

Ankara Backpacks in Nigeria Fashion Sucrosecrafts



GHERIT Jide Handmade Ankara Backpack- Kente

Ankara Backpacks in Nigeria GHERIT Jide Handmade Ankara Backpack

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