Apparently, The Reason Amaka Dissapointed 2Baba

2Baba’s Amaka happened to be one of the hottest songs of 2018 and everyone is believing 2Baba did something that warranted her disappointment ooo.

We took a snipe to understand what really happened behind and we got the following images how it all went down:


Amaka Got Tired of 2Baba Being Too Busy

amaka dress

She is a hot lady and everyone’s choice but she loves 2Baba a lot.

But at 32, 2Baba doesn’t seem a serious match for a life partner and considering he already has Annie, the idea of being in a polygamy family doesn’t seem a fit.


Amaka Got A Baby


I don wait you so te, I don dey lose weight ooo.”

Well, she had to run away to somewhere she could settle down. After all, it will be menopause a few years later.

In fear of waiting for 2Baba to make a decision, she also knows she had no time on her side.

Mama want her to get a husband and Mr. Annie was scared of proposing. She had to catch another waiting bobo who finally got her settled.


She Dumped Being A Lawyer to Become a Social Network Model

amaka doll


She became obsessed with social networks, got a huge following and that made her a model on Instagram and Tweeter. She quitted her childhood dream of being a lawyer.

I see you for Insta..”, “I see you for tweeter


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