How to Choose a Domain Name That Reflects You Effectively

Domain Name Choosing domain name

Choosing a domain name is one of the early activities that you will do especially when you are creating a website, business or blog on the web as it will be your address on the web with a format similar to


Domain Name


When you are starting out, it is easier for you to come up with a domain name by combining your first name, middle name and last name to achieve without considering some factors.


Factors to Consider Choosing Domain Name

Because this could be daunting and cost to change when you have built a blog or website on it, it is very important to bear in mind factors below while choosing domain name:



While choosing your domain name, it will be very important to consider how easy it will be for someone to memorize it without having to repeat after you thrice when you pronounce it.

Just like when you give your house address to a friend for a visit, you would not want to make it difficult for him to locate. This you will have to do by giving him a convenient and easy to locate landmark. This also applies to choose your domain name.

Consider choosing a domain name that is easy to memorize in order to make it convenient for people to have at ease in mind.



Consider choosing a domain name that is short, this ensures convenience to a visitor to easily type to visit.

Short domain names are quite hard to get these days as the most fanciful names are been taken. To tackle this, the best thing will be to be creative in choosing your domain name.

An example of creativity in choosing a domain name is ‘’ that would have been ‘’ if the domain was available.

Ideally, we advise a domain name of maximum 15 characters. It is not a good experience for your visitors spending minutes to type your domain name.



When choosing a domain name, uniqueness is an important factor to consider especially if you want to build your business on the internet.

Taking an inspiration from brands like ‘’ and ‘’’, it will be great choosing domain name with maximum three syllables and consider length also.



If you are choosing a domain name based on your interest launching a site or a blog in a niche of interest, you could be tempted to add the niche name as a prefix e.g. is This is a good domain name but could limit some possibilities in future.

Taking the browsingphones example, the owner might be interested in personal computers and other gadgets once the website starts gaining traction. Because of the domain name, diversification will be strange unless after a rebrand.

We have had some people suggested using keywords in your domain name as the example above for search engine optimization.

Choosing domain name full of keywords is not the only element to good ranking on search engines hence, brands like Amazon and Apple will never have appeared in search engine results.


Stick with Alphabets Unless If

While choosing your domain name especially if you plan using your domain name for a longtime business, consider making all characters alphabetic while sticking to the earlier discussed factors.


 Using Hyphen

We have seen domain names with a combination of special characters especially the hyphen.

Though, that option because of inability to resolve a domain name of choice being available, you could consider using a hyphen. We do not advise choosing a domain name of such because of typos by a potential visitor.


Using Alphanumeric Effectively

Another instance could be the combination of numbers or the alphanumeric domain name creation.

We only advise the use of alphanumeric while choosing domain name if your brand name warrants.

In addition to using the alphanumeric style, you should consider registering the alphabetic equivalence if available and point it to your main domain name.

A good example of this style applies to domain name registrar, 1and1 that owns the alphabetic equivalence, oneandone.


Preceding Letters in Choosing Domain Name

To make it easier for anyone to grab by hearing or writing each time you pronounce, consider choosing a domain name that is less likely prone to typos especially when dealing with preceding letters.

An awkward choice could be choosing a domain name like or, these kinds of domain names will easily fall victim of typing errors that will lead to loss of traffic.

If need be for preceding letters, imbibe creativeness in doing so. Take an inspiration from Google, Houzz, Yahoo or your own Meedul  :-).



 Effective Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain in a simpler term is the last part of your domain name. An example is the .com in You will or might have seen terms like second and third level domains.

This also is important while choosing a domain name as you would not want your TLD to speak differently about your domain name.

This is grouped into generic and country code.

Scaling down to this article and to make you understand better, here below are the division of TLDs available:


Generic Based TLD

The TLDs in this category has no limitation. There can be used for all domain names. Examples include .com that we advise you go with if the domain name is available, .xyz and .net


Category Based TLDs

These TLDs are category-focused extensions. Examples include .org for organisation or non-profits, .edu for education, .music for entertain etc.


Location Based TLDs

Just as the name signifies, the TLDs in this division are based on location.

There could be your region, country, state, a city of location or business. Examples include .us for USA, .in for India, .ng for Nigeria, .asia for Asia etc

Though you can use TLDs not related to your business or project to come out with something creative like or, but the world is more used to .com and that is why we advise you go with it while choosing domain name TLD.

There are many top-level domain names available, you can check Namecheap’s TLDs page for more.



Social Media

Though this is not a necessary factor but making sure the associated social media identities are still available while choosing domain name will be of huge benefits to your brand image online.

Your fans on social media are most likely to type your brand name to search if trying to connect.

If your chosen domain name social media alike are not available, apply creativeness in choosing convenient social media account names.

Also, do make sure your social media accounts bear the same name across social media platforms.


Registering a Domain Name

To register a domain name, there are a couple of means through which this is possible. Below, we are detailing the various ways that are cost-effective:


Free through Hosting Provider

Hosting is your house on the web while your domain name represents your address on the web. Both of these work in hand.

Hosting companies make it convenient for you to have your website live on the web.

Big providers like Bluehost give you free domain name to save you cost on that when you subscribe to any of the hosting plans.


Through Domain Name Registrars

Domain name registrars enable you to register your domain name even when you are not ready to put it to use yet.

This could be bought for safety against someone else getting it before you. This is an essential practice to reserving one if you have a project in mind that you will likely need that domain name for in future.

For cases like this, domain name registrars like Namecheap can be used to help you reserve the domain name of your choice provided it is available.


Through Cashback Platforms

Cashback platform acts as a mediator between you and a domain name registrar in such a way that you earn credit when you purchase your domain name from one of their partners.

Using cashback platform will ensure you enjoy some of the discounts that will come as a cashback that you can withdraw later once it has accumulated to a withdrawal limit depending on your cashback platforms.

There are several cashback platforms around that you can use to enjoy some discounts.

One of them include this platform below and you will enjoy some benefit if you sign-up with the link below


We hope you love it and most importantly help you decide on your next beautiful domain name.

That is it for choosing a domain name that reflects you effectively.

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