We Uncovered Black Friday Hidden Pages. The Discounts are Promisingly Amazing

Black Friday in Nigeria Deals

If you are not catching the best deals on Black Friday in Nigeria this year, ji masun!

We are hunting for the most amazing so that you can conveniently grab yours without hassle as we walk you around the best shopping portals in Nigeria.

Everyone loves the hits of discount and crazy flash deals of this annual shopping brouhaha.

From the famous Konga Yakata to Jumia’s amazing deals on its own Black Friday pages, we are scouting the best and what we found is amazing.

You think it’s too early to unravel them? We don’t believe so.

That is why we went to the secret pages to reveal the hottest Black Friday deals in Nigeria for this year.

Don’t tell us oshe yet because you might be missing out on amazing offers on your favourite shopping portals.

Here are the secret pages we are hunting to help you get the best this year’s Black Friday in Nigeria.


Jumia Black Friday in Nigeria Deals Secret Home

Black Friday in Nigeria Deaks Jumia

You see lots of flashy items on their homepage but truth is, the real deals are hidden on this special page.

On this secret-deals page, you get to have first-hand access to its early deals and coupon codes that will save you more money.

Who doesn’t love the crazy flash deals with lots of people keep tabs to grab items discounted to up to 80% off selling price?

Jumia is famous for its daily flashy deals which usually runs not less than three times per dathroughoutut the Black Friday sales period.

If you are a category-based shopper, keep tabs on the following for the best niche-based items on Jumia:

Jumia Black Friday Fashion Deals |  Visit

With a huge collection of amazing shirts, shoes, blouses, suits and more fashion items, the doors are open to grab amazing deals.

This category is fun-filled with colourful items discounted from hundreds of its merchants who are taking advantages of the huge traffic of this sales period to increase their revenues.

You have that lovely shirt you have been wishing to buy from this retailer, go ahead and get the link bookmarked and hunt a for discount coupon that will let you grab it at an amazing price.


Jumia Black Friday Tech Deals |  Visit

Everyone loves gadget and that can also be said of students looking to save on the best laptops for learning.

There could be no better time to have that special tech-friend you have been wishing for than this period.

Jumia tech category is one of the busiest during this sales period with thousands of mobile phones, computers, home theatres to a whole lot fighting to run out of stock.

If you were one of the lucky guys last year grabbing items worth N100k plus for below N10k, let’s see how you’ll be lucky this year.


Konga Yakata Black Friday in Nigeria Secret Deals Bucket

Black Friday in Nigeria Deals Yakata

Another well-known Black Friday in Nigeria retailer online shopping elites in the country loves.

What makes its deals amazing is the ability to enjoy also in their offline stores. Thanks to its merger with the infamous Yudala.

It also has a lot of mouth-watering discounts across all categories with thousands of products you will love.

Spanning thousands of businesses selling on Konga, you are sure to have access to numerous local to international products you can order at cheap prices.

Notable discount categories include:

Konga Yakata Fashion |  Visit

If you are a Konga fan, stay tight to its fashion deals this huge discount sales period.

The online shopping giant afford you the best opportunity in this world to enjoy what only comes once per year.

They are lots of amazing clothes, shoes and more for you and your loved ones which you can order without your pocket crying loud.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any, save this page as a bookmark never to miss what is hot this Black Friday in Nigeria this year.

Konga Yakata Daily Deals |  Visit

What is best when you can stay alert of its daily deals without having to punch your keyboard to several pages?

With an access to Konga’s Daily Yakata page, you get quick access to many items selected from all its categories and at amazing prices you will want to grab before the out of stock notice.


Tips to Enjoy More During Black Friday in Nigeria Deals This Year

Black Friday in Nigeria Shopping Guides

It is worth noting that you can miss huge deals during this sales period.

In other to avoid this, use the following guides to stay glued to your favourite marketplace and/or retailer:

Subscribe to Store Notifications

All the popular shopping websites in Nigeria has notification enabled which you can subscribe to ensure never to miss a deal update.

Jump on this feature and select the allow option to get quick alert when a new deal goes live online.


Subscribe to Newsletters

This is prominent on most shopping portal with pops asking to submit your emails for mouth-watering discounts.

The subscription becomes more relevant during Black Friday sales in Nigeria where they deliver many coupons that will enable you to get thousands of items on discounts.


Downloading the Mobile App

This is another great option if you are the type that love shopping on your smartphone.

Fortunately, some deals are app-only and you get to grab these without having to compete with the desktop audience.

Most of the online shopping portals in Nigeria give access first to their customers who has their mobile apps on their phones, a kind of preferential treatment to keep them more engaged.

If you have a good phone, go ahead and install your favourite shopping app. If there is no enough space, delete some apps at least for the sake of this period.


Subscribe to their Social Channels

If you haven’t followed your favourite shopping provider’s social network handle, go ahead and do.

It has been discovered that Twitter is their main channel of alerting their fans on flash sales.

Do not neglect any, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, like their pages on Facebook and every other applicable channel never to miss hot deals.


Set Alerts on Flash Sales

Flash sales are known to have specific times at which run.

You can get the time from the flash sales calendar by checking each of their Black Friday in Nigeria pages.

Bookmark an applicable category and set your alarm to notify you five minutes before the deals goes live.

Who knows? You might just be the testimonial to be used for Black Friday in Nigeria promotions by one of the sopping portals.


Rightly said, keep tabs for more as we unravel the best we found so that you will save by shopping using discount deals and amazing coupons.

Are you the only one gearing for this?

Kindly share to your friends to enjoy the promising huge discounts this Black Friday in Nigeria this year promises.

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